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My Posture Reflex

Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow

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With all the stresses and worries going on these days, it's important to have proper back support to avoid the nagging back pain that can affect anyone. This back support cushion is constructed of durable memory foam which will help support your back, molding to it to make sure you're comforted in all the right places. Take it with you wherever you go.       


Bad Back? Arthritis? Neck Pain? This unique back support delivers supreme comfort and it's versatile, too.  Check out what our satisfied customers had to say:

  • Douglas M.: "I use it in my favorite armchair when reading or watching TV. I'm surprised for such a low price that it actually works and gives me relief..." 
  • Half Moon Support works in your Bed, Sofa, Office Chair or Car. You can even take it aboard an Airplane! Jean P. agrees.  "I have used this everywhere. In bed, on couch, in car, or out in restaurants. It's so light (I) can carry (it) with a little finger."
  • Elaine M. reported that our cushion is an "Absolute Godsend! I have shoulder arthritis and need to rest my arm to ease the pain. This cushion works wonders!" 
  • Natalie K. told us the support is "A really Great Product. I've been looking for something (for) my Lower Lumbar Region (because I ) suffer Back / Spine problems..."
  • This high quality, high density support can help with sore aching joints, muscles and short or long-term injury pain. 
  • Foam Back Support is so reasonably priced you may want to buy more than one!  Check out discounts applied for bulk sales at