About Us

At the beginning of our journey we realised how important health and well being is in our society.
Today, we are not only propelled by this essence, but we are expected to deliver high-quality, sophisticated, and tested products personalized for various health and posture challenges.
Achieving optimal health requires a series of commitments; above all, it requires you been equipped with the right tools.
We have designed this space to accommodate various posture disorders Including sleeping, relaxation, and exercises.
That is, these products can help reduce body pains, enhance sleep positions, and others are tailored to help you achieve proper exercising postures.
We are passionate about the outcomes of our products, including comfort, increase in productivity, and most importantly, correct postures.
We hope that these products can transform your state while helping you embrace healthy living. 
(Gary James) - Founder and Business Development Manager at MyPostureReflex.com